• Afternoon views of the Ta Pinu Basilica are one of the must do when visiting Gozo, Malta
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    Why you Should Consider Visiting Gozo in 2024

    Looking for a place where Medieval history meets amazing beaches and beautiful views? Look no further! The charming island of Gozo, located in the Mediterranean Sea, offers an unforgettable adventure for every type of traveler. From jaw-dropping views to beautiful sights and underwater experiences, Gozo has everything a traveler could ask for! With its stunning natural landscapes, clear waters, and rich cultural heritage, There are so many things to do in Gozo a poor soul could easily be overwhelmed. Worry not! I will tell you which activities you shouldn't miss. Here is a comprehensive guide of 6 wonderful things to…

  • Amazing afternoon views of Comino. They are enough to answer if wou are wandering is malta worth visiting
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    Is Malta Worth Visiting? An Honest Guide

    The Mediterranean Sea is famous for many reasons. Right in the middle of its vast waters lands a small island nation. There, European, Latin, and Arab cultures create a rich pattern of traditions, beliefs, and practices. If it's unclear from the title, though, I am talking about Malta. However, is Malta worth visiting?