• The acropolis standing in the night sky of athens
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    The Ultimate Athens Dark Tourism Guide (Updated 2024)

    When we think of Athens, our minds race to images of ancient ruins, golden beaches, and traditional tavernas. But there's a darker, more enigmatic side to this ancient city - a side that even I, as a local, was unaware of for most of my life. This is the world of dark tourism and, in Athens, it has a deep story to tell.  This guide is a local's effort to gather all the most important dark tourism spots in Athens, Greece. It is updated for 2023 and, as new spots are discovered, it will be updated.

  • The outside as seen from a sanatorium Tskaltubo. Nature has taken back the courtyard, as it is covered by plants
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    Exploring Tskaltubo: A Soviet Ghost Town of Abandoned Sanatoriums

    Time stands still in Tskaltubo, where the once thriving Soviet spa and resort town has started to slowly be reclaimed by nature. This, however, has led this picturesque Georgian town to become a prominent destination for urban explorers and dark tourism enthusiasts.  In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about visiting the most famous abandoned Sanatoriums of Tskaltubo.

  • The sign of a prisoner in the 1941-1945 memorial sight. He is asking for water
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    Athens Dark Tourism Spot: Exploring A Nazi Torture Site

    How well do we know our hometown? Living in Athens all my life, I thought I knew most tourist posts. I was shocked when I found that an Athens dark tourism spot was in the city's center. A place Nazis used to imprison and torture people during the German occupation. I am speaking about the "1941-1944 Memorial Site", the place of the former Kommandatur.