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    The Best Co-Working Spaces in Athens

    If you’re a digital nomad, entrepreneur, or just a creative soul searching for an inspiring environment to work in Athens, you’re in the right place. I completely understand how the right space can ignite creativity, optimize productivity, and help network building. That’s I we have curated a list of the best coworking spaces that Athens has to offer – making it easier for you to find a space that aligns perfectly with your workflow and lifestyle.  Don’t forget to read until the end, because I’ll be telling you how you can win a Month-long and completely free Workation in Mexico,…

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    A Local’s Favorite Vegan Spots in Athens

    Athens is a city famous not only for its ancient ruins and cultural heritage but also for its food scene. You might have read myriads of articles about Greek and international restaurants and street food options you can find in the city. However, not many have focused on the plant-based side of the city. Don’t forget, Greek cuisine is mainly meet-centric. In fact, even I (a local) struggled a lot when I was doing my research for this piece. If it hasn’t been obvious yet, this article will focus on my favorite Vegan spots in Athens as a local. I believe…

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    Dirty Vegan Restaurant might have the best Vegan Burgers in Norway

    Finding a good vegan eatery while traveling can feel like hell for those who follow a plant-based diet. Despite the growing popularity of veganism, many restaurants still treat it as an afterthought, relegating vegan options to a small corner of the menu. This often results in unimaginative dishes that lack the depth and complexity of flavor found in their non-vegan counterparts. However, located in the beautiful city of Bergen, Norway, Dirty Vegan restaurant stands as a glorious example of high-quality vegan fast food. It is actually home to the best Vegan Burger I've ever had in my life.

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    The Ultimate Athens Dark Tourism Guide (Updated 2024)

    When we think of Athens, our minds race to images of ancient ruins, golden beaches, and traditional tavernas. But there's a darker, more enigmatic side to this ancient city - a side that even I, as a local, was unaware of for most of my life. This is the world of dark tourism and, in Athens, it has a deep story to tell.  This guide is a local's effort to gather all the most important dark tourism spots in Athens, Greece. It is updated for 2023 and, as new spots are discovered, it will be updated.