Traditional Polish food from a milk bar. It includes a salat with carrot and cabbage, fried potato sticks and pierogi. I had there some of the best foot in Krakow. Thus, I decided to put it in my Krakow food tour guide
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Krakow Food Tour: Finding the Best food in Krakow

Krakow is undeniably one of Eastern Europe’s liveliest and most beautiful cities. But did you know the city can also be a paradise for food lovers? If you are searching for places to eat, let me take you on a Krakow Food Tour.

After spending a few days in the city, I think I’ve found some places that offer the BEST food in Krakow!

If you are eager to know more about the city, feel free to read my guide on the best things to do in Krakow!

Is Polish Food Good?

A traditional Polish Dessert. It is like a cake with marmelade and whipped cream. It was one of the first stops in our Krakow food tour, and proved to be some of the best food in Krakow

To quickly answer this very popular question, yes, Polish food is very good. But let’s dive more into that.

Polish food is characterized by its use of ingredients like cabbage, beetroot, potatoes, and meat, particularly pork and chicken. The cuisine is also famous for its wide variety of soups, bread, and sausages. 

Polish cuisine also offers a wide range of flavors, from the tangy and sour, to the sweet and savory. This is evident in dishes like Bigos, which combines various meats with sauerkraut and cabbage, or Paczki, a sweet doughnut often filled with rosehip jam or plum butter.

I really enjoyed the Polish cuisine, and it is one of the reasons I am eager to visit Krakow again.

What dishes are considered traditional Polish food in Krakow?

While taste varies from person to person, Polish dishes have already won the hearts of many (like mine). 

You probably already know about Pierogi, the classic meat or cheese-filled dumplings that have made their name on the global stage. Yet there’s more to Polish dumplings than just Pierogi. There’s the Uszka, often known as “little ears”. This is a type of ravioli frequently used to enrich the flavor of Barszcz, a classical beetroot soup. 

We also cannot overlook Kiełbasa, the famous Polish sausage that comes in a variety of flavors ranging from smoked to fresh, and sweet to spicy.

In the savory realm, Placki ziemniaczane deserve a special mention. These crispy, pan-fried potato pancakes often come with a hearty serving of goulash on top, and have stood as a staple of Polish cuisine for generations. 

For those with a sweet tooth, the city offers Miodownik, a type of layered honey cake that often includes nuts for an extra crunch. 

And if you’re staying out late, you’re likely to cross paths with the Zapiekanka. As popular Polish “drunk food”, these open-faced sandwiches come loaded with an array of toppings, and can be found across the city at any hour. 

These are just a few examples of the treasures that await as you are searching for the best food in Krakow. I am sure you will find a lot more delicious dishes to try when exploring this amazing city!

What is the average cost of a meal in Krakow?

Exploring the delights of Krakow doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it can be

A typical breakfast consisting of a cup of coffee and a fresh donught can cost around PLN 10-15 ($2.60 – $3.90). For lunch, you can enjoy a plate of delicious Pierogi or Kiełbasa for approximately PLN 20-30 ($5.20 – $7.80). A dinner at a good mid-range restaurant, with a main course and a glass of house wine or a pint of local craft beer, generally falls in the range of PLN 50 – 100 ($13 – $26). 

Of course, prices can vary depending upon the location and type of restaurant. More upscale dining establishments in areas such as the centrally located Old Town, or the trendy Kazimierz neighborhood, might have higher prices.

But overall, Krakow offers high quality food that’s value for money, giving you the opportunity to taste a variety of flavors without hurting your wallet. 

Are there any cooking classes available in Krakow for Polish cuisine?

Krakow is an excellent place to learn how to prepare Polish cuisine. Here you’ll find several cooking classes that introduce you to both basic and advanced aspects of the local gastronomy. 

These cooking classes offer a deep dive into traditional Polish recipes and cooking techniques. For example, in this amazing cooking class, you’ll learn to master Pierogi – Poland’s beloved dumplings. 

Regardless of your prior cooking experience, these classes are for individuals of all skill levels.

The bonus? These cooking classes also typically include a tasting session of the dishes prepared, allowing you to try the fruits of your labour. And who knows, maybe you’ll be able to create the best food in Krakow.

Is there any Food Tour Available in Krakow?

If traditional Polish cuisine is your goal, you can find plenty of tours that will walk you through Krakow’s fantastic food scene.

For those with specific interests, there are tours solely focusing on Krakow bars, which would serve up your alcohol with a side of history. Not only will you get to taste local brews, but you will also get the chance to appreciate the history of the city. 

Another popular option is the ‘Krakow Street Food Tour’. This tour focuses on the city’s street food scene, offering a chance to try a variety of snacks and quick bites that locals love. 

The Places with the Best food in Krakow


1. Eat A Fresh Donut At Dobra Pączkarnia

This one is a personal favorite and found not be missing from any Krakow food tour! There will surely be a lot of walking during your visit. And there is no better way to start your day than a fresh and fluffy doughnut.

Fresh, multi-flavored, budget-friendly, and of course, delicious. With many locations around the city, there is hardly any excuse not to give them a try. One of the best places to eat a donut in Krakow!

2. Taste Delicious Brunch At Camelot Café

This place offers the city’s most famous apple cake, homemade baked goods, meads, and rich hot chocolates. You can try liqueurs, wines served with dried fruits and nuts, and pasta dishes in creamy sauces.

These are just a few of the many amazing things you can get in this world-famous cozy café. Probably the home of the best Shakshuka I’ve ever tried too. Overall, I firmly believe that they offer some of the best food in Krakow.

Lunch/ Dinner

1. Have A Polish Feast At Goscinna Chata Restaurant

What a better place to continue your food tour other than theKrakow old town? Right in the city center, this beautifully decorated restaurant provides the perfect environment to enjoy delicious traditional Polish food. We found it on our first night when being lost, searching for the best restaurants in Krakow, and it did not disappoint!

2. Enjoy More Polish Food At “Kuchnia U Doroty”

Behold another fantastic restaurant for tasting the local cuisine. Do not forget to try their amazing cheesecake and the local wine! While I didn’t try many different dishes, the ones I tried proved to be some of the best food in Krakow.

3. Try A Zapiekanka In Plac Nowy

Lovers of street food, attention! This one is a must-try if you are searching for amazing places to where to eat in krakow cheap street food. Head to the center of the Jewish district, where you will find a square full of vendors selling this mouth-watering piece of food.

What could be better than a massive and cheap traditional Polish pizza? I am absolutely in love with this one, and it could not be missing from my Krakow Food Tour Guide!

4. Find Soviet-Era Food At Bar Mleczny “Pod Temidą”

Do you want to travel back in time to Western Bloc Poland? Our Krakow Food Guide has something for you too!

Visiting a Polish Milk bar will do the trick! Vintage, cheap, and delicious, the feeling you get inside this place is one of a kind, especially if you are a sucker for old-school experiences like I am! Pierogis, potato pancakes, and soups are just a few traditional dishes you can enjoy.

Another thing you will undoubtedly like is their surprisingly low prices! While the most famous one is undoubtedly “Krakus”, Bar mleczny “Pod Temidą” was the one we tried, and it did not disappoint!


1. Drink exceptional vodka at Wodka Bar

Attention vodka and alcohol lovers, this one is for you! What could be better than a few shots of Polish vodka served in a row on a wooden tray? Finding a table might prove tricky, but the hustle is well worth it. This one is undeniably one of the best bars I’ve ever visited.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to try the caramel-flavored vodka shot!

2. Have An Underground Drink At “Piwnica Pod Baranami”

Another unique bar, right in the city center. This underground place is always packed with people, creating the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable night out! Finding a seat can become complicated, but definitely worth a try!

3. Enjoy The Atmosphere At HEVRE

Concluding our Krakow Food Guide with another personal favorite. Formerly a Jewish synagogue, the now turned into a bar building is as spectacular as it sounds! It combines a beautiful interior and even better drinks.

Mark my words! You cannot get enough of the unparalleled Krakowian nightlife! Just take me back; I can’t take this anymore (cries in nostalgia).

Final Thoughts

As I conclude thias tasty journey, it’s clear that Krakow’s food scene is both rich and diverse. From heartwarming main courses like Golonka, fresh breads, and delightful after-dinner drinks infused with elderflower, to amusing scenes of pigeons swooping down for crumbs – every aspect of Krakow promises a unique gastronomic experience.

And of course, the zesty side salads, pickles, and the convenience of services like KrakowDirect, all adding to the city’s charm. Perhaps, you might even wish to further explore Polish cuisine with available cooking classes or intriguing food tours. As you’ve found out, every plate here tells a story of Poland’s rich, savory traditions. Bon Appetit!

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