• The Gergeti Trinity Church as seen from far away. We see the church standing impressively in front of the russian mountains in a sunny day
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    A Comprehensive Guide to Kazbegi and the Georgian Military Highway (2024)

    Ready to start a journey of mountain peaks, traditional culture, delicious food, and an adventure with views that will surely make your jaw drop? Hold on, because we're headed to Kazbegi and the Georgian Military Highway. This thrilling excursion is one that must be high on your bucket list, and why is that? We're talking about the dreamy combination of breathtaking scenery and historical significance, all in one. Oh, what's that? You've never heard of these spots? Well, get ready, because you're in for a long tour!

  • The acropolis standing in the night sky of athens
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    The Ultimate Athens Dark Tourism Guide (Updated 2024)

    When we think of Athens, our minds race to images of ancient ruins, golden beaches, and traditional tavernas. But there's a darker, more enigmatic side to this ancient city - a side that even I, as a local, was unaware of for most of my life. This is the world of dark tourism and, in Athens, it has a deep story to tell.  This guide is a local's effort to gather all the most important dark tourism spots in Athens, Greece. It is updated for 2023 and, as new spots are discovered, it will be updated.

  • Aerial view of Gori as seen from the fortress
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    Exploring Gori, Georgia: The Birthplace of Joseph Stalin

    So, let me guess. You radomly popped into some tiktok about the birthplace of Joseh Stalin, and were intrigued to find more about it. Or maybe you decided to visit Georgia, and want to see more than just the capital, Tbilisi. If it has not been clear yet, this guide will take you trough Gori, Georgia. Here, you'll find everything you minght need to know about this charming city, and what makes it more than just "Stalin".

  • A red train travels through a forest with trees in the background while showcasing what is interrail.
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    What is Interrail? A Traveler’s Ultimate Guide

    If you're seeking an exciting, but affordable way to experience Europe's best locations, interrail might be just for you. Imagine waking up to a new city every morning, meeting different people everyday, and trying new cuisine every night. But what exactly is interrail and how do you make the most out of this opportunity?