The Vast Jordanian Dessert as seen from a sandhill in Wadi Rum
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Should you get travel insurance for Jordan in 2024?

Traveling to Jordan was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. It was the first road trip outside of Europe that I had ever planned myself, and I was truly proud of how it actually turned out.

It is common knowledge that Jordan is one of the safest countries in the Middle East. Its crime rate is relatively low, and the country has been politically stable for decades.

The Jordanian government has taken tourism very seriously and has invested heavily in making sure visitors feel protected. Their infrastructure and facilities almost guarantee a safe trip. However, do you need travel insurance before you travel to Jordan?

Visiting Jordan as a Tourist in 2024

Before heading to the rest of the article, I advise you to take a few minutes to read my Guide on how to plan the perfect trip to Jordan. I have made it as comprehensive as I could, and I have included a few tips and itinerary options depending on the length of your stay. I believe it is worth a read!

Why you Should Get Travel Insurance when Visiting Jordan

Well, wherever you find yourself in the world, there is always the possibility of a flowerpot landing on your head. Jokes aside, this article will not focus on the minor, unplanned things that can happen during any trip. So, I’ll be focusing on more Jordan-specific things that make travel insurance necessary in this beautiful, Middle Eastern gem.

1. The Adventure sports

back in the day when i managed to get a flat tire in the middle of the desert
The Day we got a flat tire in the middle of the Dessert

Let’s be completely honest, when traveling to Jordan, you are most certainly planning to have some type of adventure. Whether this is a dessert safari in Wadi Rum, a day or two of exploring the ancient city of Petra, or a Scuba diving trip in Aqaba, Jordan can satisfy even the most adventurous spirit.

In fact, adventure sports are among the main reasons why people love Jordan. I still remember the day we did a 4 x 4 safari in the middle of the Jordanian Dessert before getting a flat tire. It’s a lovely story but also one for another time.

The worst part of planning a trip that includes adventure sports is that they are not covered by many insurance carriers. It is a fact that “dangerous” activities can greatly increase the risk of a possible injury. However, I believe that I have found a solution!

Safetywing’s Nomad Insurance 2.0 offers an adventure sports add-on. This option covers a myriad of adventure sports, such as Safari tours, camel riding, Canyon Swing, and sandboarding. Convenient, isn’t it?

With a maximum length of 365 days and coverage in more than 180 countries, they are a great option whether you are a Nomad or not! Safetywing offers low rates but excellent coverage and immediate support. In fact, they will answer any message in a matter of minutes! The best part? You can book your insurance after you leave for your destination!

You can find more information on Safetywing and Nomad Insurance 2.0 here.

Safetywing Button

2. Because of the Road

Roads and highways in Jordan are generally in a surprisingly good condition. Coming from Greece, they might actually be better than some of the ones we have here. 

However, accidents can always happen. Don’t forget, the major cities can be bustling with traffic. One wrong move, and you never know what happens. Car accidents rank among the main reasons for injuries worldwide, and medical assistance is, in most cases, necessary.

That’s why you need a good health insurance in Jordan, so that you can drive with confidence and make the most of your trip knowing that you have a safety net to protect you.

3. Because it is mandatory

The one of the two ancient theaters in Jerash, Jordan

Okay, I might have left a massive reason to get travel insurance in Jordan for well after its time. Sue me! In Jordan, as well as in Egypt and other places in the world, travel insurance is a mandatory requirement to have before entering the country.

There have been instances in the past, where foreign visitors get their care in the country’s healthcare facilities, and then leaving without paying the bills. Ignoring the immorality of this action, this took a massive toll on Jordan’s healthcare resources. That’s why travel insurance is mandatory in Jordan, to make completely sure that someone covers the cost of healthcare.

4. Because of unexpected bowel movement

Your American or European digestive system might not be ready for Middle Eastern food. This is not to say something about food quality, but you might not be accustomed to the spice mixes and the recipes.

You cannot travel the world and not get food poisoning at least once! I remember my first one, I was in Bulgaria and, oh boy, that was a bad one.

Food poisonings might sometimes require fluid replacements and/or antibiotics prescribed by a doctor. A good Medical insurance will help a lot in these (surely) uncomfortable times.

5. Because safety is Freedom

Me and my friend, Nick in Wadi Rum, Jordan

I will be completely honest with you, I always feel safer when I travel with good insurance coverage. I would consider myself an adventure enthusiast, a person who will try to take his trip a step further. I have led myself to uncomfortable conditions, and I have made some of the best memories of my life this way.

However, I firmly believe that I wouldn’t dare to go that far sometimes if I didn’t know for sure that someone would cover my back if something were to go wrong. I feel that I can be myself more frequently when I am protected by insurance.

Final Thoughts

I hope that I have made a good case for why you should get Travel Insurance when visiting Jordan. It is an amazing country that offers Unique opportunities for adventure sports, wonderful ancient history, delicious food, and some of the kindest and most heart-warming people I have ever met.

In order to make the most of it, you will need good coverage to make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. So, pack your bags, book your coverage of choice, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

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