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The Travel Essentials I NEVER Leave Without

Getting ready for a trip, from weekend getaway or a month-long adventure, can be both exciting and overwhelming. There’s so much to plan and pack, and forgetting even one essential item can become very stressful. 

That’s why I’m sharing my travel essentials with you. From insurance to gadgets and apps, these are the things that I never leave home without when I set out to explore a new country. I hope you will find something helpful for your next trip!

My Travel Essentials

1. Travel Insurance

Safetywing Button

If one thing should always be on your mind before leaving it should be: NEVER leave without insurance. Travel insurance can be a real life-safer. However, picking the right one can be a hustle. However, I do have a particular suggestion for you.

Safetywing’s Nomad Insurance is one of the best options available out there. With a maximum coverage of 365 days, they are a great option whether you are a Nomad or not! They offer very low rates but excellent coverage and immediate support (in a few minutes!). The best part? Nomad Insurance can be purchased even if you have left your home country already.

Lastly, they also cover extreme sports, something that can come in very handy if you are an adventurous soul. I would very much recommend you to check them out, you will not regret it!

2. Osprey Farpoint Backpack

A traveler wearing an Osprey Backpack

The Osprey Farpoint Backpack is a travel pack that has grown in popularity in the past few years. It is available in many different sizes, ranging from 40 to 70 liters. Mine is the 40-liter model, and I have been able to comfortably make it through 15 (and more) day trips with it!

The Farpoint series is famous for its lightweight design. However, despite its weight, it’s very durable. I have been using it for the past 3 years, during which I have traveled to around 15 countries. It does not have a single scratch, yet!

One of my favorite features of the backpack would definitely be its suspension system that evenly distributes weight, making it comfortable to carry even when fully loaded. This one has been a life (or should I say, back) saver! The backpack also includes a laptop and tablet sleeve, making it a must-have for digital nomads.

Finally, the Osprey Farpoint Backpack is designed with travel safety in mind. It includes lockable zippers, providing an added layer of security for your belongings. 

3. Revolut 

A passport that holds a revolut card

Revolut is a digital banking app and card, designed for those who travel frequently or do transactions in multiple different currencies. 

For me, Revolut’s best feature is its ability to make transactions in over 150 currencies at the official exchange rate. This is a significant advantage for travelers as it eliminates the need to carry multiple types of currency or pay high exchange fees (You know what I mean). 

Another key feature of Revolut is its budgeting tools. You can set monthly budgets for various categories and track your spending. This can be very useful if you want to budget for your trip, or just want keep a close eye on their spending while abroad.

Lastly, Revolut also offers a range of other features such as free international ATM withdrawals up to a certain limit and a premium service for frequent travelers that includes perks like airport lounge access. It also offers security features like the ability to instantly freeze and unfreeze your card via the app, providing peace of mind in case your card ever gets lost.

I just cannot explain how much I appreciate this app!

3. Google Maps

Google maps

I know, this might sound stupid. But hear me out! Google Maps is an essential tool for any traveler. This digital mapping service offers satellite imagery, street maps, and 360° panoramic views of streets. It also provides real-time traffic conditions (which can be very helpful when doing a road trip, or running to the airport) and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle, and public transportation.

Google Maps is incredibly useful when you’re in a new city or country. It can help you find your way around, locate nearby attractions, restaurants, and shops, and even provide public transit directions. It’s like having a little local guide in your pocket.

Another very important feature of Google Maps is its offline maps function. This allows you to download maps of specific areas to your device, which you can then access even when you don’t have internet access. This is very useful when you’re traveling in areas with poor or expensive internet connectivity.

One of my favorite Google Maps features would surely be the ability to save locations, which can be handy when planning your trip. For example, you can save the location of your hotel, the airport, and any attractions you want to visit. This way, you can easily navigate to these places without having to search for them each time.

4. Apple Air tag

Apple airtag

The Apple AirTag is a small, coin-shaped device designed to help you locate your belongings using the “Find My network”. It’s an essential travel must-have for those (Like me) who frequently misplace their items or want to keep track of their luggage while on the move.

The AirTag uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your iPhone, allowing you to play a sound from the AirTag to locate your item. If you’re out of Bluetooth range, the “Find My” network can help track it down. This network is composed of millions of Apple devices that can detect your AirTag and report its location back to you, all in a secure and private manner.

AirTag features a user-replaceable battery that lasts over a year, so you don’t have to worry about charging it. It’s also water and dust resistant, making it durable for travel.

This one has been another life-saver for me. It has been particularly helpful in cases I was on a bus, and had to keep in mind my backpack. I never leave without this one!

Final thoughts

Traveling can be a truly wonderful experience. Yet, it’s often overshadowed by the worries of one significant phase: Organizing and packing. Here’s where travel essentials come into play. I hope you found inspiration on some of the things I use. Who knows, maybe they will make your life easier, too!

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